The Ark

Apropå The Ark. De är jävligt bra. Två textbitar här dårå.
Den andra har jag inte riktigt kunnat relatera till innan när jag lyssnade som mest på The Ark. Men nu kan jag det desto mer :P

Beauty is the beast
Beauty like a barbed wire fence
So, if beauty is your friend
You´d better go deceive it
Beauty is the beast, you better believe it
You´re wasting your whole life
If you´re trying to achieve it
Beauty is the beast
And you better believe it

Are you tired of being an object?
Or are you just jealous that you aint one?
Now you realized that those objects does all the kissing?
Well, dont project your bore on the girl on the dance floor
She doesnt at all find the men's looks abusive
She does'nt want your shield
Maybe she's the one who's free
Maybe sometimes getting fucked can be amusing


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